Deployment Use Case

We are helping banks move closer to their customers and deliver new Fintech products to the right customers at the right time. Our Digital Banking platform and integration layer supports banks in their digital transformational journey faster than even their Fintech competitors.


Pay directly from card, virtual card, eWaIIet or bank account:

  • In-store shopping using contactless / QR payments
  • Web merchants aggregation
  • Mobile in-app shopping (Super APP)
  • PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliant
  • In-built payment processing network


Multi entity (tenancy):

  • Person to person (Card, account, QR and virtual)
  • Person to business (via domestic interbank)
  • Business to business
  • Business to Person g. refunds, request to pay, insurance payouts
  • Government to Person g. Social Benefits, Bill payments, Tax Refunds, etc

Future of payments

Bank app and Central Bank Solutions

  • Integrating with a digital exchange
  • Allow for purchase and selling of cryptocurrencies
  • Ability to accept CBDC payments
  • QR Code merchant acceptance
  • Card issuing in stablecoins and digital assets

Business to Business

Buyer/Supplier + Rich Data

  • SME Lending
  • Loyalty – Redemption
  • Invoice financing
  • Fleet / corp card issuing
  • Reconciliation and accounting



  • Global acceptance network
  • Cross-border settlements
  • Currency conversions
  • Digital currency adoption
  • Pre-funded capital eco-system

Value added services

Analytics and Fraud Solutions

  • KYC using Neural Network
  • Anti money laundering
  • Identity solutions
  • Corporate Fraud Insights
  • Audio Chat App

Case Study

  • Reliance India

    Digital Transformation journey started early 2021

  • Torus Digital – Neo Wellness Super-App

    • Trading platform for stocks, shares and mutual funds
    • Robo advisory platform with credit score and links to buy a number of financial products including lide and general insurance
    • Bill payments for electricity, phone, water and gas
    • Telemedicine with online consultation with a Dr
    • Digital wallet with Visa card
    • NEO Banking platform with KYC / AML in-app allowing users to open a bank account in minutes
  • Launched in BETA January 2023

    Will go live to public in May 2023 and is expected to sign up 10M customers over 5years

Business Model

Over the past decades, the IT budget for banks has become coIossaI, with some  departments empIoying more than 6,000 professionals! But shockingly, as little as just 5% of IT budgets goes towards innovation. A report by FinanciaI News found a whopping 80% of IT budgets gets sucked up by maintenance. Banks are spending upwards of $10 billion each year artificially preserving tech that cannot handle the demands of the future.

Railpays seaIable white Iabel digitaI banking platform soIves this problem and aIIows banks to launch in months not years. We work with our clients as a partner not supplier sharing in the profits and removing the need for banks to create a budget with zero setup fees.

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