About US

We are helping banks move closer to their customers and deliver new Fintech products to the right customers at the right time. Our Digital Banking platform and integration layer supports banks in their digital transformational journey faster than even their Fintech competitors.

What is Railpays?

A leading digital banking software platform thot empowers financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation using Omni- Channel banking solutions.

Facebook, Netflix, Apple and Amazon
are delivering a superior experience.

Why Not My Bank?

Banks Were Built For Branches



Banks are plagued with old legacy systems thot are not fit for purpose and cost
$ billions to maintain resulting in no budget for digital transformation. FinTechs
are taking market share and pushing bonks further away from their r customers
making it difficult for banks to react



Railpays partners with banks to support their Digital transformation. Our complete Digital Banking Stack aIIows banks to
begin slow by launching Fintech programs or jump straight in and launch a new
digital bonk independent from the m ai n
bank within months not years. We remove the need for any budget to be created, as
a partner we share in profits.

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